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Our History

Behind every great winemaker is a driving force to create a memorable and noteworthy wine. While most people refer to this intense dedication as “passion,” for Emerald Argonza it is truly his unique spirit of adventure that has proven to be the underlying catalyst for jumping headfirst into a venture that is a unique blend of art and science.


While his roots are humble, Emerald’s desire to succeed and learn all the minute details of a business began early when he immigrated to the United States from the Philippines in 1986. His path took him from a highly visible sales position at a water bottling company to owning and operating an independent distributorship of his own. After entrepreneurship got into his blood, he ventured to home healthcare and helped and consulted other start up home healthcare companies. 

Yet it wasn’t until Emerald turned to home winemaking in 2010 that he really found his true

love—practicing the art and science of Enology and viticulture. With over 600 test vines planted

behind his previous home located in the Cucamonga AVA, he has launched Argonza Cellars in 2012 alongside his wife Rowena and with the assistance of winemaker friends. 

Today Argonza Cellars is not a backyard passion but a serious business venture for Emerald who, with winemaker friends, winery owners and vineyard operators supporting him have created some amazing wines made from hand-selected grapes from some of California’s premier appellations. In 2020, without his knowledge, Rowena sent 6 of his wines to the USA International wine competition with hopes that at least one would be recognized for a bronze.  All 6 won, 2 of them won gold and 4 won silver.


On May 2023, Argonza Cellars opened the very first boutique winery in the Chino Valley.   Argonza Cellars takes pride in being a family-owned company with a deep appreciation for the craft. As a family-owned establishment, there is a genuine sense of warmth and personal connection that permeates the experience.​Our family's passion for wine and dedication to quality is evident in the meticulous selection of wines available at Argonza Cellars. Each bottle represents their commitment to providing guests with an exceptional tasting experience. The familial touch extends beyond the wine selection, with family members actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the cellar, ensuring that every aspect of the business reflects their values and vision.

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